Annual East/West Collegiate Bowl

A Flamboyant Mock User Generator

Sometimes, when designing and/or building an application interface, it helps to have mock user data. This application provides an API over HTTP to request mock or placeholder user data including:

All of the user data, including the imagery, comes from the Key & Peele East/West College Bowl, Key & Peele East/West College Bowl 2, and Key & Peele East/West Bowl 3 - Pro Edition sketches from Comedy Central.

The endpoints

Users are represented as "players", and are of the JSON form:

  "name"     : "X-Wing @Aliciousness",
  "college"  : "Missouri Western State University",
  "id"       : "faa5956c57cb81618f68b59a1862e888",
  "image"    : full_path_to_user_avatar

All images are 512x512 PNG.

Getting all the players

The players are divided evenly into two squads: East and West, and can be requested by squad. There are a total of 32 players.

GET /players

This will return an array in json of all the "players".

GET /east

This will return an array of only those players in the East.

GET /west

This will return an array of only those players in the West.

Getting a subset of players

Each of these endpoints will by default, return one an array of one random player. Each endpoint takes an optional query parameter n which takes a number of players to return. The players will always be shuffled. No matter what value you give to n, you will only get the max number of players in each squad.

GET /player

Return n or 1 random player.

GET /east/player

Return n or 1 random player from the East.

GET /west/player

Return n or 1 random player from the West.

Getting a single player

GET /:id

Where :id is the id of a particular player.

Getting only avatars

In addition to the image paths provided for each player, you can request a random player avatar.

GET /avatar.png

GET /east/avatar.png

GET /west/avatar.png


I find the Key & Peele sketch(es) very funny.


The API is written with Sinatra and hosted on Heroku.

The player formerly known as Mousecop's symbol is U+2A17.

Check out for more potential user profile imagery.


I am Mark Wunsch. I wrote this application.

Key & Peele are Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele and they made these characters.